Wednesday, 21 December 2016


If I went to Wellington I would like to visit the Bee hive and the botanical garden.🌼


  1. Hey Prudence,
    Why do you want to go to the beehive and botanical garden?

  2. Talofa Prudence, Wow! what a very nice picture I see that it says Wellington and its cool where you like to visit in Wellington but why do you want to visit them.

    Keep up the wonderful work

  3. Kia ora Prudence!

    I'm Mark, one of the teachers working on the Summer Learning Journey with Rachel and Dan!

    It is so cool to see you working so hard on your blogging. I really like Wellington, have you ever been?

    I lived there for 3 years when I was studying film (before I became a teacher). It is such a fun place to live. There is lots to do and see. The things you have suggested are really good things to visit and should definitely be on any list. Other things I think people should check out are

    Weta Workshop
    Te Papa
    The art galleries along Cuba street
    The shopping along Cuba and Lambton Quay
    The restaurants are actually all quite good.
    The waterfront - you can skate and there is even a place to jump off the wharf!
    Oriental Bay - it's a little beach with a fountain in the ocean. Quite nice.

    The thing with Wellington, is that when the weather is nice it is amazing! But when it is miserable, it really is a miserable place to be. Kind of like Auckland that way I guess, except more windy and colder.

    Kia kaha! I hope you are enjoying the journey!

    I'll have a look at another of your blogs soon!



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