Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Let's compare!

Hello welcome to my comparing session. Today I will compare
Japan – White rice, fish, meso soup and natto (fermented beans)

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\japanese breakfast.jpg

Honey on toast.
If I were to chose wich one I would he it would be.
Drum roll Please! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
The winner is : Japan – White rice, fish, meso soup and natto (fermented beans)

Why I prefer Japan – White rice, fish, meso soup and natto (fermented beans)? Is because it looks yum, it sounds yum and It is always good to taste new foods!

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  1. Hi Prudence,

    I love your drum roll! It made me laugh out loud when I read your post. You have such a great sense of humour!!

    I think that you've made a really good breakfast choice. Meso soup is really tasty and grilled fish and rice are very filling and quite a healthy and nutritious way to start the day. I have to admit that I struggled, when I first moved to Japan, to get used to eating 'dinner foods' for breakfast but I soon grew accustomed to it and really enjoyed it. I also stayed full for longer each day and didn't need to eat any morning tea because I was still full from breakfast!

    I wonder what you will discover next about Japan. I'm waiting eagerly to read your next post...

    Rachel :)


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