Thursday, 19 January 2017

My favorite sportsman

My Favorite sportsman is Valerie Adams. She is my favorite sportsman because she has won many Gold, Sliver and Bronze medals. She has a brother call Steven Adams and he is a famous basketball player in America. She plays shot-put and she has been to the Olympics many times. She is my favorite sportsman because she is a famous shot putter and she is a inspiration to many people.

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  1. Hi Prudence,

    I agree with you that Valerie Adams is a very inspirational person. She is the most widely decorated female Olympian in New Zealand history. Did you know that she has won a total of three Olympic medals (2 gold medals and one 1 silver medal) and four Commonwealth medals? That is pretty amazing!

    I actually watched her brother's basketball team play last night on Sky Sport. I love basketball and try to watch as many NBA games as I can! Do you like basketball by any chance?

    Great job with your blogging! You've got two more days for the Summer Learning Journey. I hope that you'll log on and blog again soon.

    Rachel :)


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