Thursday, 19 January 2017

My favorite T.V show

My favorite Television show is Stuck in the middle. It is about Harley and she is the middle child. She has hard times with her family. She always finds a way to figure it out. She makes cool inventions. It is on Disney channel. (100) Sky)

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  1. Hi Prudence,

    Thanks for sharing your favourite television show with us. I have never heard of 'Stuck in the Middle' before. It reminds me a television show called 'Malcolm in the Middle' that was about a boy (Malcolm) who was the middle child in his family. He got into a lot of trouble with his two brothers (and his parents) for being really clever and quite cheeky! It was a really popular show in the United States/Canada from 2000-2006. I wonder if the Disney channel got the idea for 'Stuck in the Middle' from that show...

    If you have time it would be awesome if you could watch this short clip of 'Malcolm in the Middle'on Youtube and see if you think that the two shows are similar...

    Malcolm in the Middle clip -


    Rachel :)


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