Wednesday, 18 January 2017

My Family

My Family is a very big family.

There is 10 of us in our family.

I have 6 sisters and 4 brothers.

There names are not available.


  1. Hi Prudence,

    Wow! You do have a very large family. I completely respect your decision not to share the names of each family member. I understand that you want to maintain their privacy.

    In your large family, where do you sit? Are you one of the oldest siblings, one of the youngest or one in the middle? I can't imagine coming from such a large family! I only have one sister so I grew up in a pretty small family. I was lucky, though, as Leigh (my sister) and I got along really well. She's still one of my best friends, actually!

    I hope that you and your siblings also get along. Are you having fun together over the break?

    I hope to see you online again soon :) I can't believe that school is going to start in just two weeks. Crazy!

    Bye for now,

    Rachel :)

  2. Kia Ora Rachel,

    Yes my family is very big. We have a bed and 3 seats to sit on. I am the youngest out of all my siblings. We all have arguments sometimes but we have all learnt to get over it. Yes, I am having fun during the summer break. Wow! I never knew that school started in 2 more weeks! Thank you for commenting on my blog Rachel.

    Thank you!

    From Prudence

    1. Kia ora Prudence!

      I love reading your blogs :) It sounds like you have a very busy household. I'm amazed that you find time to sit down and complete your blogs for the Summer Learning Journey in the midst of a hectic household.

      Nice work :)

      See you online again soon, I hope!

      Cheers, Rachel


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