Thursday, 5 January 2017

My List

This is my list for everything I need to pack:

Sun Screen


  1. Hi Prudence!

    I am so happy to see that you've completed another activity for the Summer Learning Journey programme. That is awesome :)

    You have definitely identified some 'key' items to pack on your trip to Japan. Given that it will be winter time in the country you may also want to think about packing some warm clothes, such as a hat, mitts, scarf, coat and boots. It can snow in Japan, particularly in the northern regions and can even be as cold as -10 or -20 at times. Brrrrrr!

    Fortunately, it is nowhere near that cold here in New Zealand. Have you been able to play outside and enjoy the sunshine over the past two days? I have been sitting inside blogging but I've enjoyed watching the birds fly around outside the window. My cat, Jackson, loves watching them and he also enjoys chasing them around (if I let him out of the house). The poor birds! They look so panicked when they see Jackson appear...

    Do you happen to have a cat? I will try to post a picture of Jackson one day soon on the Summer Learning Journey site. We just got him a few months ago but he's quite cool. He actually reminds me of a cat that used to follow me to work when I lived in Japan. I had to walk about 20 minutes from my apartment to my office in Nagano City and he would often trot behind me on my way through the neighbourhood.

    Ah, this post is bringing back so many memories of going to work in Japan. It is inspiring me to think about going back one day. Thanks for the inspiration, Prudence :)

    Hope to see you online again soon!


  2. Wow Prudence This is such a good blog post I love all the things that you put in your list.

  3. Hi Pupuke and Rachel,

    Thank you two for commenting on my blog. Thank you Pupuke for you thoughtful comment. Yes Rachel I do have a cat. Her name is George.

    From Prudence

    1. I love that your female cat's name is George! That's quite an unusual choice for a girl. Did you name her? Aronui (my son) has a stuffed toy cat that has pink paws so we've always assumed that it's a female cat and Aronui calls her 'Antonio.' I think that it's really nice to be creative and flexible when it comes to naming pets.



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